Pacific Agencies is a marketing organization engaged in representing overseas manufacturers and suppliers from different countries to Indian market in field of Chemicals and Allied products of various types used in diversified fields of application in various categories of industries. While acting as marketing agent for overseas suppliers, Pacific Agencies is also engaged in rendering services to overseas companies to procure their requirement from Indian chemical producers. Accordingly our organization acts as a gateway / window for overseas organizations to Indian market.

Pacific Agencies was founded by MR. BHARAT LATHI and Mr. GIRISH N. VYAS in 1989 and is since then consistently growing by serving industrial customers and suppliers overseas and within India meeting their expectations and serving their requirements for different types of chemicals. With more than 30 years’ experience, wide contacts overseas and the Indian industries we are a renowned name in this field. MR. PRASHANT LATHI joined in as a Director in 1996, embarking the organization’s progress on rise towards new parameters altogether. Efficiency of our organization is further supported by network of dynamic marketing personnels and administrative staff at various levels making it a successful team work over all.

In the year 2014 Pacific Agencies celebrated 25 years of its existence. The year 2014 has been a milestone year for Pacific Agencies as it saw the appointment of MS. PURVI VYAS as the director for development of new customers and suppliers, thereby maneuvering the growth of our already existing long list of customers and suppliers. The shift to their new larger office premises also took place in the year 2014.

 MRS. DIMPLE LATHI joined the organization in the year 2016, to further boost the prospects of establishing new suppliers and enhancing our customer base.

Pacific Agencies serves chemical industrial consumers engaged in diversified fields like manufacturing of pharmaceutical (bulk and formulation), agro chemicals including technical grade of pesticides and formulations, dyestuff, water treatment chemicals, paints and printing ink, perfumery and aromatic chemicals, soaps and detergents, antioxidants and specialty fibers, leather chemicals and leather processing, plastic and allied products, oil field chemicals, electroplating chemicals, biocides and few other industries in different fields.

Pacific Agencies continues to broaden the horizon of business opportunities for overseas suppliers from around the globe and withhold its own prominent position in Indian chemical business terrain.